Lyrics & Music: A. Smith

I heard that Angels all had wings
You must have checked yours at the door
What time does heaven shut its gates
Do you have to be home by twelve


The band started playing we danced real close
Nobody guessed ‘cause the lights were low
The singer sang of a forbidden love
He could’ve been singing just for us


Both our parents well they said no way
We’re not the same religion anyway
Yours say I’m not good enough for you
Mine say you’re not good enough for me
And both the priests heard they would
Not agree
So I guess it’s up to you and to me
(Tonight … yeah, tonight)

I’ve got my car parked right outside
The motor’s warmed up if you’re ready to ride
Nobody will know if we slip away
They wouldn’t understand it anyway


We’ll be alright once we’re interstate
Nobody will know us won’t it be great
I’ll get a job and make a home
Maybe then our families will leave us alone

I heard that Angels all had wings