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  1. Bustin’ Loose
  2. Never
  3. The Angel and the Madman
  4. So Tired
  5. Sisters of Mercy
  6. Sweet Cherie
  7. Winners
  8. Travellers Tales
  9. Back to the Streets
  10. What About Me?
  11. Wings
  12. Streetheart
  13. Round Again
  14. Born to Run

Moving Pictures are heading back into the studios to record an acoustic selection of their classic tracks to be known as Picture This for release on Friday October 9th. Co-founder and guitarist Garry Frost says “We have been busily reworking the songs with a few surprises including a very special cover, a stunning new tune and a song from a movie that we said we would “Never”, EVER play. We are all really looking forward to getting back out and playing.”