Bustin' Loose (WBE-571A)Lyrics & Music: A. Smith

Lyrics in [ ] omitted from Days of Innocence recording

Well the kid checked his stance, and tightened his pants and took his first step in the night,
Jacko said that he’d fix him up with a girl who’d be alright.

[Oh, oh – he’s bustin loose]

(Well) he picked them up in his Sandman – they raced every red light in town
Jacko put on a real cool face, but he’s just sweating there’s no cops around


[Well every guy’s a clumsy poet and ever girl’s a beauty queen hanging out for the day when they hear someone say they’re not really as old as they seem]

He’s got a matchbox of pot hidden in a secret spot which they’ll smoke in the old schoolyard,
well he’s never too sure if he gets stoned or not, but tonight he’s going to try awful hard


(well) he’s fifteen or sixteen he’s trying to make the mean team
and Jacko’s his man all the way, he’ll go for broke (when) he can
he knows that Jacko’s his man and they both pray that
they’ll get away


Well every guy’s a clumsy poet and every girl’s a beauty queen
fogging up the windows of their friends parked cars
on the way to their land of dreams

Well he remembers the night when the stars burned bright a
and she let him go all the way
(Said) It was different that time cause she said take your time
slow down and let me show you the way

Well the sand was warm underneath where they lay
a cool breeze made the waves dance and play,
a band played in the hall they were loud it was small,
but who listened anyway
Well every guy’s a clumsy poet and every girl’s a beauty queen
but they’re so caught up in appearances that they don’t really know what they mean