Lyrics & Music: A. Smith

Seems these days we don’t have that much to say
And all the joy we used to have has long been put away
Sweetness has turned sour innocence has all run dry
And I can’t even find me a good reason to cry
I get so…


We don’t make love anymore we’re just going through the motions
And all this pretending puts a strain on me emotions
We always end up fighting and that don’t prove a thing
It’s sad to think that you were once my Queen and I your King
I get so…


Stop playing these games with me heart
Don’t you know they’re tearing me apart
Got me down on my knees I can’t cope with it all
Wanna run away, runaway, run and hide

Oh and when I look at you, you look back at me with eyes like empty sockets
You’ve take all I’ve got but you can’t have what’s in my pockets
My car keys a guitar pick and a little bit of change, well I
Never knew that loving could be such a strain

I get so…

Chorus — Fade