Sweet Cherie (WBE-742 A)Lyrics: A. Smith
Music: A. Smith, C. Cole, G. Frost

Pearly white, her eyes so bright,
A laugh that lifted my very soul
A form so lithe, I bet she moved so well in the night
Oh my sweet cherie you’ve been on my mind

A friend of a friend, you’ll be mine in the end
Stay till the hands have circled twice
Your girlfriends may dance but you your eyes oh they make sweet romance
Oh my sweet cherie you’ve been on my mind

One night of love’s just a few passing hours
One night with you seems eternal
Going beyond what we’d known before
Pushing our senses to the limit

Well I could not describe no matter how hard I tried
Oh these feelings that possess me
Your kisses they thrilled and your soft hands oh they
Soothed my ills
Oh my sweet Cherie you’ve been on my mind