Lyrics & Music: C. Cole

I watch your eyes watching mine,
They hypnotise, make me blind,
I can’t see you.
Another song turns around,
But I’m already off the ground
Just to be with you.
Look around, is there anywhere that you’d rather be.
Oh won’t you stay and spend the day with me.

You walked onto the stage as the lights were turned on,
I watched you as you played my favourite song
You even looked my way, did you see me wave.

Marianne, I want to know you
Marianne, I want to show you what I’ve seen.
Take my hand and let me tell you,
All the things I can remember
From this early morning dream
Marianne, stay with me.

You smile at me, touch my hand.
You say you love another man, I can see it.
All the time you spent with me, was just to try
And make him see that you want him.
I look away, what can I say,
Don’t watch me go.
I speak your name, but it’s not the same.