Lyrics & Music: A. Smith

There’s times I think that I can’t think straights,
And other times I think I can’t think at all.
(and) there’s always someone doing something so new.
That I’ve never even heard about it,
But I just keep on doing my best
Even when I’m getting stabbed in the back
What I’m doing may not be art
But at least it comes from my heart.


They’re all just…
Judo intellectuals throwing their weight around.
They’re all just judo intellectuals
Look at them all tearing each other down.

Show and tell is a children’s game that we carry
with us all of our lives.
I’ll show you what you’re doing they say
Then I’ll tell you why you’re doing it wrong.
Me I always laugh to myself
How they seem to equate money with taste.
They like to be the first one in their group whose
Dressing in the latest rage.


It makes me sad sometimes
When they come down hard on what I’m doing.
It makes me mad sometimes
When they start to tell me why I’m doing it.

Now I’ve got friends who understand.
Well they know what I’m talking about,
They don’t play those one-up games
Where the winner’s lose out anyhow
They’re people just like you and me
Who only ask for simple pleasures,
A strong wing,
A stout ship,
And a star up there to guide us.
They’re not just …

Judo intellectuals throwing their
Weight around,
Judo intellectuals,
Look at me.
I’m throwing the gauntlet down.

Chorus Repeat