Lyrics & Music: A. Smith

Joni Joni was a really nice girl, her parents gave her
everything they could. Well, she hadn’t decided
what to do with her life. So now she worked in the typing pool
She saved up her money and bought a second hand car
some really nice clothes, and always read her stars
and that’s where our story should begin and end
“But then the Romeo steps in”,

“Oh the Romeo, Joni Joni and the Romeo”

The Romeo he always got his own way, well he had
what’s called a winning smile. And when he cast it
Joni’s way, O Lord!! She felt that she could die
Her girlfriends all giggled that she had it made,
His daddy was a big man in the motor trade
And he was going to get it all one day
But tonight it all went Joni’s way


The Romeo he was a well known user,
Of woman, cocaine and wine
He didn’t care as long as he had fun
As long as he had himself a good time
But Joni Joni didn’t know the game she
didn’t even understand all the rules
with just one thought racing through her brain
“Well she wasn’t her daddy’s little girl anymore
“She’s never gonna be her daddy’s little girl anymore
Lord she couldn’t died of shame.

Joni Joni went away for a while, they said
a holiday would do her good, just another tragic lover
who was nearly a mother, from a middle class neighbourhood
Well her father tore the money from his daddy’s hide
Her mother closed the curtains and sat down and cried
It’s a crazy thing but all she’s got left is her pride
But she still loves the Romeo