Lyrics & Music: G. Frost

She sits
Alone at the side of the road
She’s been everywhere
Goin’ nowhere fast
Cos’ she’s got nowhere better to go
She hides her frown
And heads for town
To see what’s going down
She’s lookin’ for where she belongs

So hard
When nobody knows
Which way out to go
When all ways seem so wrong
Lookin’ for where they belong

And he’s trapped in the games of the night
He’s only a pawn
Tryin’ to make his move
From the black squares
To the street-light
He pockets his hands
And makes a plan
Something there to dream on
Lookin’ for where he belongs

In the morning rush
Someone got crushed
And if you can’t keep up
You get lost in the dust
There’s so many people
Lookin’ for where they belong
Maybe they’ll find
A space in a time
Or maybe someone
Will help them to find
A short-cut
To the place where they belong

They met
Like people on the street sometimes do
Goin’ opposite ways
To the same place
But, now at least they knew
That it’s easy to be
Where you don’t want to be
When there’s someone there to lean on
Lookin’ for where they belong

Chorus Repeat