Lyrics: A. Smith
Music: A. Smith, C. Cole, G. Frost

Well the Angel and the Madman are out on the streets tonight and they’ll probably be there, till early morning light
Then like vampires of old they’ll get under cover out of sight
And they won’t live again till next evening

Oh did you see the Angel and the Madman
Oh did you see them as they went by
Oh did you see the Angel and the Madman
Well I heard somebody whisper that they went by

Well the Madman is so speeded the ground’s like air beneath his feet,
And the Angel’s right beside him and she’ll never miss a beat
And though they’re both very hungry they probably won’t get to eat, till it’s all over.

Well I heard somebody saying that they were high
(just a little bit, no so you’d notice, but enough)

The patient Angel’s always smiling and she’s giving all she can,
And the only thing she knows is that she loves the madman
And if he just looks at her once tonight she’ll know that he’s her man and everything’s alright

Well I heard somebody screaming that they were high