Lyrics & Musc: A. Smith

Cold & wet they won’t make the rent tonight,
Have to take their work home,
(and pray that they’re the gentle kind).
Through a doorway where the red lights burn
Like a candle on the altar of some other ancient order

Say a prayer, for the sisters of mercy

They need a medal for serving humanity
They take a lot, they take the edge off all this insanity,
(but you know that they’re not clean)
No amount of counting rosary,
Hail Mary life’s not always all it’s cracked up to be.


Tight lips, tight hips, tight stiletto eyes
She could cut you down, she could cut out your pride.

Step inside the price is right,
You can own them for an hour or two
But Lord you can’t stay the night,
Oh no, you can’t stay the night.

I sit & watch their house for hours & hours,
You know through these curtains
All their visitors, they all look the same,
Their black & white, in silhouettes

One goes out for cigarettes,
While the other stays home with a whip and a pet,
That’s their story told,
and they both look old.

Chorus Repeat